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Address unknown, Potts Hill


The photographs were too stunning to resist – ghostly, the house sits forgotten, perhaps headed towards demolition.


This derelict building is owned by Sydney Water at Potts Hill, which is a suburb in Sydney’s south-west. The corporation owns 116 hectares of land in the suburb, and portions of it are being redeveloped for residential and commercial purposes. I am unsure where this little cottage sits in relation to the construction project, but it is an eerie building cursed by neglect. Houses like these fill me with fascination – they are haunting, austere, melancholic, and the combination of these qualities results in a morbid sort of beauty.



It’s difficult to pin down when it was built, mostly as I’m unfamiliar with these types of buildings. It seems to be fibro, and on that basis I’d guess 1960s, but I could stand corrected.



My favourite image is this one above, as it bears signs of the room’s previous (and newer) uses. Having a few objects in a room tends to make them more nostalgic – it elevates a space from being an empty shell.


This post was highly collaborative, insofar as the photographs were taken by someone who can only be described as my accomplice. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I could dig up about the house itself. It is located near heritage-listed reservoirs, but I could find no evidence that it is a heritage item; Sydney Water is quite detailed in its heritage listings, and none of its descriptions appeared to match up with this lonely little edifice.