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P1/39-53 Campbell Parade, North Bondi


An apartment! You’re not missing out, though; this three bedroom, three bathroom penthouse has the proportions of a house (and a private elevator, to boot). It’s located in one of Australia’s most celebrated spots – North Bondi, just up the road from Bondi Beach, which is squarely in view.


The apartment is brand new, and it’s clearly intended for the higher end of town; it combines excellent design with luxury fittings. The kind of fittings that make you think ‘Hm, if I were rich, I’d totally buy this!’ Although my true love will always be heritage properties (and rectangular modernist masterpieces – love those places!), I want this. Let me tell you why.



Study in the master.


The master bedroom was the first element that sprung out at me; it’s very large, incorporating its own study, has a fantastic view of the beach, and boasts in-built, white storage units that serve to create a type of walk-through robe that is incorporated into the room itself. Like the rest of the apartment, it’s extremely light – and good natural light is one of the features I find most important in apartments.


View from the master bedroom.


The two other bedrooms are both of good sizes, with one of them possessing a balcony with louvres, which is fitting given the penthouse design prizes outdoor spaces. The thick floorboards act as a fantastic base – classic, ageless, and complementary of any decor. The bathrooms are lined with contemporary grey tiles (big tick from me there as grey is one of my favourite colours for interiors), and the en suite boasts a space age bath.



The stairwell provides some design interest in itself, with a circular break in the wall serving to ensure that the stairs are well-lit. The kitchen is, predictably, very slick and modern, but the surprise is its size and the bonus add-ons it has, such as the circular section at its end with wine fridges. Um, yes please.




The second level shows off the benefits of open plan design; the kitchen flows onto the living and dining areas, ensuring that the entertaining space has a front-row seat to the beach view. This is also true of the rooftop terrace. Basically, I’d like to have a party here.


Open plan.


I needed to include this shot, as it has the elevator.


This penthouse is perfect for North Bondi – it has the views, the good looks, the walkability. The area is an interesting combination of Art Deco apartment blocks, federation semis and new, looming apartment blocks. Plus … there is stuff to do there. This carves out a new space as it’s a small block that doesn’t come with the potential headaches of larger developments; it’s private, well-located, and a bit special.


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