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‘Wahgunyah’, 32 Stanton Road, Mosman


Before I launch into this, a little note: Word Press is not doing any of the things it is supposed to do. As a result, the pictures are not positioned as I would like them to be. But I turned 24 this week, and with age comes maturity, wisdom and, of course, jadedness. So we will all have to live with the positioning of the photos.


Mosman is, obviously, one of Sydney’s foremost blueblood suburbs, and its real estate reflects that. Enter 32 Stanton Road, which sits on the slope towards Balmoral Beach on a reasonably generous 845 sqm block – a Victorian gem with water views, an immaculate renovation and the requisite entertaining area that I seem to seek out in every house I blog about. Oh, plus it has a library.



The house is located in the Balmoralish part of Mosman (Mosman is enormous. I live here at the moment, and it is the biggest suburb I believe I have ever been in – although this, of course, has a well-documented history), which is a sweet spot given it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney, for my money, and is also handily close to Mosman village and Chinamans. According to Savills’ 4Q14 Sydney resi ‘Spotlight’ report, Mosman was the fifth most expensive suburb in Sydney as at June 2014, with a median price over $2.3 million and non-waterfront houses fetching in the $2-$9 million range. Why this is is self-explanatory, but here I go anyway; serious prestige, proximity (8km) to the Sydney CBD, some of the world’s most spectacular views, esteemed private schools, a Chargrill Charlie’s…the list of assets goes on.


Master bedroom.


The home has been renovated accordingly, with French doors leading out to a sandstone deck facing the pool and beach views. The renovation has preserved the exquisite ornate fireplaces and other details, like the cornices, while providing the house with an airy, contemporary feel through the contrast of light walls and dark timber floorboards.


Up for a nip of cognac in the library? (Is cognac a thing that adults drink? In libraries? Is it served in a 'nip'?)


The house is going to auction this weekend, and one of the features that will surely pique punters’ interest is the DA it has for a second storey, which would allow the owner to further capitalise on the views. That said, with five bedrooms, room for two cars and a manicured garden looking over one of the world’s most lauded harbour beaches, it’s a worthy contender just as it is.


14 Wolaroi Crescent, Tamarama


I don’t usually use a non-house shot as the lead but I mean…c’mon. It’s a helluva view. This place is on a particularly private little street in Tamarama, perched above the beach with jaw-dropping views from each level. And there be a number of levels.


Tamarama, as I’m sure you know, is one of Sydney’s most highly sought after beaches. It’s a jewel in the east’s crown. It and Bronte, which is right next door. As an aside, something I noticed when I was there to photograph this house is there is a disproportionately high amount of very attractive men there on Saturday mornings. I feel like that’s important to note.



It’s a classic ‘Sydney eastern beaches’ beach house, by which I mean it’s big, built to capitalise on the views, and perfect to party in. Glamorous, is what I’m getting at (I’ve veered away from calling it Glamorama but…oops, there I go). It was rebuilt a decade ago and is now designed in a vertical fashion with wide open spaces and expanses of glass. The vistas are the focal point, and the architecture complements that. White features heavily, which is ideal in a place built for the sun and sand.


It feels like summer when you walk in, basically, and that appeals to me as I hate winter and am desperately waiting for its end. It’s also on the market. If you buy it, please invite me to the housewarming. I’ll bring cheap wine. My usual.




I love this bathroom. The exposed brick was covered in the rest of the house but kept in the main en suite, which gives it a bit of an edgy Brooklyn feel…yep, that's a thing.




2b Tarrant Avenue, Bellevue Hill


Ahh, Bellevue Hill, one of Sydney’s stomping grounds for the elite. One of the things they do there is buy up sexy pieces of real estate, which is where 2b Tarrant Avenue comes into the frame. It’s currently on the market for offers around $5m. Much to my chagrin, I just discovered that Title Deeds got to this one first, but they don’t seem to go into a hell of a lot of detail, so let me add some colour for you (not that I was ever particularly good at sticking within the lines).


If you don’t know much about Bellevue Hill, the Fin helpfully wrote up a suburb profile and didn’t hide it behind a paywall – free win! To summarise: approximately 5km east of the CBD; rich, rich, rich; non-waterfront; serious architectural cred; bastion of moneyed up business players (Lachlan Murdoch). Houses can fetch over $20m. If you have $20m, please get in contact with me via the ‘contact’ tab so I can provide you with my phone number.



The living room – above – is my favourite part of the house, particularly as it has city views, opens out onto the pool area and has a swanky bar – check, check, check. Another place that fulfils my house party fantasies. It’s sheer Art Deco goodness (especially the checkered flooring).



Someone with exquisite taste in both liquor and design owns this house. They can join my social circle any time. Perfect crisp white block colour with a mirrored background opening up the space and well-chosen cultured New Yorker prints amongst the bottles of Veuve. I managed to photograph it without getting my reflection in the shot, too, so let’s not discount my role in all this, ha!



At first I thought it was older, but I’m taking a punt and placing this stately home in the mid-century age range, which suits the profile of the suburb as well as the Art Deco features of the house. The owners have placed an emphasis on internal design, and I’m envious of the ubiquity of the views; you can see Sydney Tower (isn’t it called Centre Point? When did they change the name?) and Deutsche Bank Place from the dressing room. The dressing room. I’d be happy to have a dressing room, let alone a dressing room with city vistas.



One of the children’s single bedrooms has an en suite – my childhood dream. It also has an excellent, honeycomb-like window frame that I fell hard for.



And so we come to the main bedroom, with the famed dressing room and an epically large en suite. The main is well put together and perfectly positioned for the views.





It’s a good-sized family home with an extensive ground floor. And it has trimmings – serious trimmings. The library is my favourite of these. It might be fairly compact, but it’s a library, and I’ll be damned if I don’t want one just like it when I grow up and marry a director of a hedge fund.



I’ve run out of my amazingly witty and insightful comments, so I’ll leave you to gaze at the photos. You’ll probably find, like I did, that one of the best aspects of this home is the care that’s been taken to accessorise it and give it that ‘hidden gem’ feel; every room has something in it that pops and pulls you in.



Love this shot. So summery, even though we're stuck in the throes of winter.

110 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay


Usually I prefer to write about places I hunt out myself, but sometimes one is sent to me that I really like. This is one of those times. It’s a block of apartments up for sale in one of my favourite suburbs (as I’ve noted before), Elizabeth Bay. It’s on the harbour, it’s curvy, it’s strata-titled…All wins.


It contains four two-storey apartments, which is pretty contemporary for a block built in the early ’70s, although it sounds like some remodelling may have occurred, and is listed on the Australian Institute of Architects’ register of Significant Architecture in NSW.



The piece I was sent said it’s being marketed at around the $30 million mark (which figures) by Stuart Cox of Savills, who said “I doubt that an entire block of apartments in this prime location will become available again in my lifetime” and described it as a “trophy asset”.


May I please have this view?


This little article provides some perspective on the construction. The tower-like build was precipitated by the narrowness of the block (unsurprising in the area). Every floor has harbour views, and there’s basement parking for up to 12 cars, a serious boon in an area in which I have personally driven around for an hour without finding anywhere legal to park my car. It’s been thoroughly updated (as the pictures demonstrate) - both in terms of the individual apartments and the common areas – so the primary question is what the purchaser will do with the block. It’s an intriguing proposition.



Various, Cremorne Point

I really hope that one day I become the kind of person who lives in a place like this.

Can you smell the sweet, sweet scent of prestige? That’s Cremorne Point for you. You know the people who traveled first class on the Titanic? The people who live at Cremorne Point are the modern-day equivalent of them. That sounds more dire than intended (I’m sure the suburb isn’t sinking). The point I’m trying to make is: woah wealth. The suburb is around 6km from the CBD and is smack bang on the harbour. It has a ferry wharf, making it even cooler. I couldn’t find anything more recent in my five minutes of research, but according to Property Observer Cremorne Point was the sixth most expensive apartment market in Sydney in 2012…just a random fact reaffirming my ‘this is an expensive suburb’ thesis.



I’ve been a bit slack lately and haven’t explored a house, but since I was in the area I thought I’d snap some pictures of the fairly amazing houses and apartment buildings dotted along the foreshore of this suburb. Hopefully that will tide you over.



The view isn’t bad, either. Incidentally, I think the shed in the above photo might be the same one that’s the subject of this article? Fun fact: I was eleven when that article was written. Half the age I am now. Ah, nostalgia.



Although this set of apartments comes from a later era than most of the places in the suburb, I really like the formation/symmetry/pattern.


Cremorne Point is also home to my favourite Sydney pool. It's right on the harbour. Perfection.